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Nyasha Chari
Executive Director

As I look at the growth of Children Support Trust since our inception in 2020, I am extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve. I am even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future in Zimbabwe. We have successfully managed to standardise and operationalise our strategic areas of implementation towards the welfare of children in Zimbabwe. We have transitioned from traditional methodologies in managing critical issues affecting children to transformative community-based, strategic and sustainable approaches in the advancement of children’s rights and protection of underprivileged children.


It is satisfying to know that we have the support of our local government, our staff, and our community in acquiring the necessary resources to reach our goals. This collective support enables us to continue to launch new strategies and establish new partnerships. As a result, we are able to ensure that the child and his or her ecology is safe and secure.


Talented Staff: Among our most important assets is the well qualified, technical and passionate staff. Our departments are well capacitated with staff and AI technology matching the 21st century e- innovation. The thrust of our programs staff to support stuff is centred on putting the best interest of the child first through empowering the underprivileged children and their guardians to become self-sustainable. From our Executive staff to our Leadership Team and front line Service Delivery Team; Children Support Trust is committed to delivering the highest quality service and providing unparalleled service to our target dividend.


Community Focus: Children Support Trust is committed to the community in which we do business. We are dedicated to the impact oriented programming for success in the supporting of underprivileged children preventing all harmful conditions and prejudices affecting children. Through our work with the State, donors, religious entities, corporate businesses, small and medium enterprises and individuals; we are vested both professionally and fiscally as we continue to assess the needs and work hard to identify solutions.


Collaboration: As our child community is infinite and developmental conundrums require concerted collaborative effort, each new day offers a chance for us to work together, pursue new opportunities and improve upon the past. We establish in-depth relationships with our clients and interested partners by learning their environments and how innovative we can do things. In doing so, we are better equipped to offer tangible solutions. We continue to manage our business around the evolving needs of children together with partners and that puts us at the forefront of changing lives- It Takes me and you to raise a child.