Children Support Trust strives to protect and support underprivileged children who are victims of abuse, gender disparity, poverty, disasters, displacement, and separation or divorce. Our focus is the comprehensive revitalization of neglected children and advocating for their rights.
To be a leading organization transforming underprivileged children by bringing support utilities in various targeted communities. To foster child support through immediate response, innovation, and adoption of appropriate mechanisms being cognizant of the ecology of the child.
As CST we make it our mandate to bring support to our target population. We achieve this by carrying out positive behavioral change programs, advocacy work, cash and kind handouts programs, and social and economic capacity empowerment programs. Our primary goal is in-line with various ramifications that acknowledge children’s rights for all. This, therefore, makes CST a child-centered organization for the marginalized variably to prejudices and unwanted debilitating circumstances as they grow. CST bears it in mind that the ecology of a child is marred by a number of risks therefore programming is multifaceted focusing on efforts to respond to the direct and structural challenges that the child face in child development. In the Best interest of the child, our programming also involves the caregiver/ guardian, the community, and the districts which harbor the child as agents of child development.
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